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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a claimed advice administrator from Microsoft, accessible both as a abstracted appliance as able-bodied as a allotment of the Microsoft Office suite. The accepted adaptation is Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 for Windows and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Although generally acclimated mainly as an email application, it additionally includes a calendar, assignment manager, acquaintance manager, agenda taking, a account and web browsing.

It can be acclimated as a stand-alone applicationdisambiguation bare , or can assignment with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for assorted users in an organization, such as aggregate mailboxes and calendars, Exchange accessible folders, SharePoint lists and affair schedules. There are third-party add-on applications that accommodate Outlook with accessories such as BlackBerry adaptable phones and with addedcomputer application like Office & Skype internet communication. Developers can additionally actualize their own customcomputer application that works with Outlook and Office apparatus application Microsoft Visual Studio.1 In addition, Windows Adaptable accessories can accord about all Outlook abstracts to Outlook Mobile.


Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 was accessible in retail food at the end of January 2007. Appearance that debuted in Outlook 2007 include:7

Office Fluent "ribbon" user interface (though not for the capital window)

To-Do bar added to the carapace UI that shows a snapshot of the user's accessible accessories and alive tasks for added good time and activity management, and provides aeronautics access credibility into agenda (e.g. selecting agenda dates in Date Navigator, beat on day/date names in accessories area)

Changed agenda angle that affectation the tasks due beneath anniversary day on the anniversary appearance and supports overlaying assorted calendars

Accelerate your agenda advice with agenda snapshots, which creates an HTML representation of your agenda so you can allotment this advice with anyone

Ability to broadcast calendars in Internet Agenda architecture to Microsoft Office Online or to a WebDAV server

Accelerate argument and account letters from Outlook with Outlook Adaptable Service to a adaptable phone. Forward Outlook email messages, contacts, appointments, and tasks as argument messages. Automatically accelerate email messages, reminders, and your circadian agenda as argument letters to a adaptable buzz Outlook SMS Service Provider

Integrated RSS aggregator

'Instant Search' through a ambience indexer based chase agent with Windows Desktop Search

Enhanced affiliation with Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server

New programmability features8

Preview Handler addendum for previewing email adapter (including account pane) after abrogation Outlook

Ability to add a account or aggregation logo to a acquaintance or cyberbanking business card9

Color Categories accord you an easy, beheld way to analyze any blazon of advice from one another, so it's accessible to adapt your abstracts and chase your information

Save as PDF or XPS

Discontinuation of Common User Access cut and adhesive support

Bigger anti-phishing filters

Office Outlook 2007 Email Postmark is advised to accomplish it actual time-consuming to accelerate email. This makes it technologically adverse for users to accelerate accumulation email with Outlook, announcement spammers to use added e-mail clients.

Advice Rights Administration (IRM) restricts and/or expires administration of email appliance Windows Server 2003 or after active Windows Rights Administration Services (RMS)

Managed action acquiescence appearance affiliation with Exchange Server 2007

Now renders HTML-formatted e-mails appliance Microsoft Word instead of Internet Explorer (making the apprehension beneath standards-compliant, but added in band with what a user sees back basic e-mail appliance Word)

Outlook 2010

Features that debuted in Outlook 2010 include:10

Ribbon interface in all angle 11

Acquaintance cards to appearance pop-up capacity of all bulletin participants from GAL or user acquaintance records

Grouping of conversations bigger - includes letters from all folders, and optionally from abstracted accounts

Bigger To-Do bar, for archetype assuming how abounding accessories are not apparent back amplitude is limited

"People Pane" and Social Networking appearance 12


Microsoft additionally appear several versions of Outlook for Mac OS, admitting it was alone for use with Exchange servers. It was not provided as a basic of Microsoft Office for Mac, but instead fabricated accessible to users from administrators or by download. The final adaptation was Outlook for Mac 2001, which was adequately agnate to Outlook 2000 and 2002 afar from actuality alone for Exchange users.

Microsoft Entourage was alien as an Outlook-like appliance for Mac OS in Office 2001, but it lacked Exchange connectivity. Partial abutment for Exchange server became accessible natively in Mac OS X with Entourage 2004 Service Pack 2. Entourage is not anon agnate to Outlook in agreement of architecture or operation; rather, it is a audible appliance which has several overlapping appearance including Exchange applicant capabilities. Somewhat bigger Exchange abutment was added in Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition.

Entourage was replaced by Outlook for Mac 2011, which appearance greater affinity and adequation with Outlook for Windows than Entourage offered. It is the aboriginal built-in adaptation of Outlook for Mac OS X.

Outlook 2011 initially alone accurate Mac OS X's Accompany Services for Contacts, not Events, Tasks or Notes. It additionally does not accept a Activity Manager agnate to that in Entourage.13 With Service Pack 1 (v 14.1.0), appear on 12 April 2011, Outlook can now accompany calendar, addendum and tasks.

Internet standards compliance

HTML rendering

Outlook 2007 was the aboriginal Outlook to about-face from Internet Explorer HTML apprehension to Microsoft Word 2007 HTML rendering. This agency HTML and CSS items not handled by Word are no best supported. On the added hand, HTML letters composed in Word will attending added or beneath as they appeared to the author.14

This affects publishing newsletters and HTML/CSS reports, because they frequently use intricate HTML and/or CSS to anatomy their layout. For example, forms can no best be anchored in email.

Microsoft Entourage is the alone avant-garde anatomy of Outlook that appropriately supports CSS and allows for seamless apprehension amid web browsers and email audience with little to no modifications to the aboriginal HTML or CSS code.15

Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format

Outlook and Exchange Server internally handle messages, accessories and all added items as altar in a abstracts archetypal which is acquired from the old proprietary Microsoft Mail system, the Rich Text Architecture from Microsoft Word and the circuitous OLE accepted abstracts model.16 When these programs interface with added protocols such as the assorted Internet and X.400 protocols, they try to map this centralized archetypal assimilate those protocols in a way that can be antipodal if the ultimate almsman is additionally active Outlook or Exchange.17

This focus on the achievability that emails and added items will ultimately be adapted aback to Microsoft Mail architecture is so acute that if Outlook/Exchange cannot amount out a way to encode the complete abstracts in the accepted format, it artlessly encodes the absolute message/item in a proprietary bifold architecture alleged Transport Neutral Encapsulation Architecture (TNEF) and sends this as an absorbed book (usually called "winmail.dat") to an contrarily abridged apprehension of the mail/item. If the almsman is Outlook/Exchange it can artlessly abandon the abridged alien bulletin and use the encapsulated abstracts directly, but if the almsman is any added program, the bulletin accustomed will be abridged because the abstracts in the TNEF adapter will be of little use after the Microsoftcomputer application for which it was created.17 As a workaround, abundant accoutrement for (partially) adaptation TNEF files exist.18

Outlook Add-ins

(Other accessible and frequently acclimated names: Microsoft Outlook add-ons, Microsoft Outlook plug-ins, Microsoft Outlook extensions, etc.)

Outlook Add-ins are baby allowance programs for the Microsoft Outlook application. The capital purpose of the add-ins is to add fresh anatomic capabilities into Microsoft Outlook and automate some accepted operations. Add-in additionally refers to programs area the capital action is to assignment on Outlook files such as synchronisation or advancement utilities.

From Outlook 97 on, Exchange Client Extensions are accurate in Outlook. Outlook 2000 and after abutment specific COM apparatus alleged Outlook AddIns. The exact accurate appearance (such as .NET components) for after ancestors were continued with anniversary release.

Outlook Express

Outlook Express was an email client, newsgroup client, and acquaintance administrationcomputer appliance application that Microsoft arranged with Internet Explorer 4, 5 and 6 and all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003. Other than the agnate name there is no affiliation amid the two articles and they originated from altered capacity of Microsoft. While both action admission to POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts, alone Outlook offers applicant admission (MAPI) to Microsoft Exchange. Outlook Express was succeeded by Windows Mail and after by Windows Live Mail.

Importing from other email clients

Currently, Outlook supports importing letters from Outlook Express and Lotus Notes. There are some means to get the emails from Thunderbird; the aboriginal is to use a tool22 that can catechumen a Thunderbird binder to a architecture that can be alien from Outlook Express. This adjustment charge be candy binder by folder. The added adjustment is to use a brace of chargeless accoutrement that accumulate the aboriginal binder structure.23