Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format

Outlook and Exchange Server internally handle messages, accessories and all added items as altar in a abstracts archetypal which is acquired from the old proprietary Microsoft Mail system, the Rich Text Architecture from Microsoft Word and the circuitous OLE accepted abstracts model.16 When these programs interface with added protocols such as the assorted Internet and X.400 protocols, they try to map this centralized archetypal assimilate those protocols in a way that can be antipodal if the ultimate almsman is additionally active Outlook or Exchange.17

This focus on the achievability that emails and added items will ultimately be adapted aback to Microsoft Mail architecture is so acute that if Outlook/Exchange cannot amount out a way to encode the complete abstracts in the accepted format, it artlessly encodes the absolute message/item in a proprietary bifold architecture alleged Transport Neutral Encapsulation Architecture (TNEF) and sends this as an absorbed book (usually called "winmail.dat") to an contrarily abridged apprehension of the mail/item. If the almsman is Outlook/Exchange it can artlessly abandon the abridged alien bulletin and use the encapsulated abstracts directly, but if the almsman is any added program, the bulletin accustomed will be abridged because the abstracts in the TNEF adapter will be of little use after the Microsoftcomputer application for which it was created.17 As a workaround, abundant accoutrement for (partially) adaptation TNEF files exist.18

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